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Panties & Bras campaign is a CSI initiative which aims to give back to the community. Flojo Foundation saw the need to give back to the community that has supported our career in the past years. We, as a collective, identified the need to shine a spotlight on the disadvantaged Girl Child, ensuring that their empowerment and development is prioritized in South Africa.

We made it our priority to ensure that no Girl will be deprived of her education because of lack of physical needs such as sanitary pads, school stationery or uniform. We also believe that social and economic empowerment of women is the beginning of the end of poverty in our communities. We are motivated and touched by the sanitary towels campaign that has been making rounds in SA, our girls are in serious need of sanitary towels and the movement is growing. However, lack of sanitary towels is not the only thing they lack. Our girls are also in need of underwear, we normally see them dressed but no one knows what is underneath. At times they will wear the same underwear week in and out because they have no other to change with. This also becomes a health problem.

The Panties & Bra’s campaign seeks to give our girls the comfort they deserve, we aim to give them options to change underwear and keep clean. This campaign will give our girls self esteem and makes them feel more comfortable to perform better and engage in extra school activities such as Netball etc.


To enhance the quality of life for all Girls by improving productivity in schools, whilst instilling self love and confidence.


To witness an improved community of girl children. To create Job opportunities and build girls to women.

This is Nompilo, a Mascot that is an official Panties & Bras Ambassador. Nompilo was created to identify with our young girls. She will be used in our social media campaign that is a call out to get the community involved in purchasing New underwear for our girls.

our team

Meet the team behind the Panties & Bras Campaign

Florence Khoza

Florence Khoza

Nkuli Nzimande

Nkuli Nzimande

Collecting Panties & Bras is merely a fraction of what this campaign is about. We are introducing a programmes that aims to nurture our girls to phenomenal women
R 40 k
Over 40 thousand raised
26 +
Ambassadors around the country
10 +
Projects countrywide
30 +
Charity events

our strategy

Journey with us as we build relationships

Market Segmentation

Our key focus is public schools. Focusing on girls from 6 years to the age of 18. And post that age, hand them over to relevant organisations who have a bigger pool of youth projects.


We are working closely with the school teachers to help us identify girls from diverse backgrounds who are in desperate need of our products and services. Our outreach will take place annually. Our pilot site will be in Gauteng and Durban, with a medium term goal to rotate provinces.

media campaign

A media campaign is already in motion with numerous celebrity ambassadors: Zenande Mfenyana, Ntandokayise Kunene, Tumelo Mothotoane and many more! These individuals bring to the table a variety of skills set which will help the Life Orientation teachers connect with their learners at a deeper level, as they get to spend 8 hours daily with the girls


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